The real estate business is about building relationships with partners you can trust.  Real estate is not a job but a lifestyle; it's what I do and love to do each and every day. My primary objective is to partner with you and achieve the highest net proceeds as quickly as possible. 

F E B R U A R Y   U P D A T E

If you're selling, positioning for more than 1 offer is key to attracting buyers who are committed and highly motivated.  We need to compare what comps were listed for, in addition to what they sold for.  This is not the time to be a maverick and price a property where prices are landing.  The buying pool is still poised and accustomed to competing and overbidding for a special property, if they feel there is room to bid upwards.  If the price is perceived as too high, they will simply wait on the sidelines for a price reduction.  I have seen it time and time again.

San Francisco remains a strong attraction for technology companies who recruit and hire employees with the desire and resources to live in the City.  Along with the traditional needs of existing residents, 2nd home buyers, and investors, ongoing demand is fueled.  Ours is a global market, especially for those homes that have been recently renovated and in move-in-condition.  I'm thrilled to live and work in this world-class city.  Happy New Year!
If there is a resistance point or a flaw, a characteristic that cannot be changed, like a busy corner or outdated style, then listing at a lower price will entice more people to come and "perceive" that there is room to bid upwards.  Perception of value is everything.
If you're buying, be prepared to compete in this sellers' market.  Your lender relationship and being ready to act immediately are crucial.  Let me start the search for you.  Planning ahead is key to your real estate success.

We end the year with average prices having appreciated some 13+/-% over 2014.  Average appreciation of 13+% from 2012 – 2014 is about 40% for 3-year total.  Some folks have started talking about another bubble.  Real estate prices are cyclical and rise & fall.  It is likely to happen again, as Paul Krugman points out in his recent New York Times op-ed column “The Big Short, Housing Bubbles and Retold Lies.”  The essence of his article is that many of the “runaway bankers” who reaped millions/billions by leveraging the mortgage market are at it again.  The way we protect ourselves is to buy for the long term, 5+ years.  San Francisco was effected by the Great Recession from 2008-2011, so it seems that 5 years is a safe time frame, if and when the next adjustment occurs.

Are you considering a move or a vacation home?  I can introduce you to prequalified agents in just about any area:  from Napa to Nice, Boston to Buenos Aires, Miami to Morocco, the Sotheby’s reach extends far. Whether augmenting your portfolio with a new primary residence, a vacation property, or investment property, I'd be delighted to assist with any of your real estate needs.  Who you work with matters. 

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